Sound Massage


Everything is created by sound.  This means that as humans we too were created by sound.  However, quite often we are out of tunes with ourselves.  We lose our inner sound and therefore experience many kinds of physical and mental diseases.  Many of us live in an environment of unhealthy sounds; we are exposed to loud traffic noises, horns honking, music everywhere, elevators noises, office noise from air-conditioners…printers…copiers, telephones, people shouting, etc.  For some of it is difficult to be quiet at home, we must have the radio or television on.   All of these noises generate negative vibrations which have a negative impact on our bodies.

The tones of the singing crystal singing bowl bring us physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, by allowing us to release our tensions and sink into its sound; connecting us with the original space sound of the Universe.  It is an excellent tool for assisting us to re-pattern and re-attune our energy centers (chakras) and energy field with high vibrational sound and light, allowing for a shift in frequencies, which harmoniously grounds us with day to day life.

If you are doing an overall “tune-up” it is best to start with the root chakra and work your way up to the crown and then back down.  You may also focus on an individual chakra or area of the body that you feel needs most attention.  During this time it is helpful to state your intention (inwardly) for participating in the session and you may meditate on a mantra, do visualization, hum along to the tune in your mind, or use positive affirmations like: ‘I am filled with love and healing.’  Everyone has their own way of responding to treatment.  You can also walk with a notepad to jut down impressions you received during the session.

Appreciating that everything has its own vibrational frequency:  color, sound, etc., we therefore know that this also applies to the organs and cells in our body…they have their own frequencies.  This means that the sounds of the singing bowl will not only be heard through our ears, but throughout every cell in our body, synchronizing our brain waves and helping us to achieve profound states of relaxation.  Combined with the numerous benefits of Massage Therapy, this is ‘holistic’ by any definition.

Benefits include:

  • Mental clarity
  • Releasing of tension and blockages
  • Releasing of mental and emotional pains
  • Letting go of present or past negative patterns
  • Leaving a positive feeling for oneself and others
  • Achieving more balance and harmony in your life
  • Increasing the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues, and organs