Crystal Therapy



The Making of A Crystal

Some crystals arise from the fiery gases and molten minerals in the Earth’s center; some arise when magma cools for water vapor to condense into a liquid; some are formed deep in Earth when minerals melt and re-crystallize under intense pressure and heat; some form from an erosion process where the surface bread down and the mineralized water becomes cemented together.

Healing Properties
Generally, crystals are objects of beauty. These stones also have a long tradition of being used for healing. At the heart of a crystal is an atom, which is dynamic. It consists of particles that rotate around a center in constant motion. Hence, though a crystal may seem lifeless on the outside, it is actually vibrating at a certain frequency. This is what gives the crystal its energy. Working with the energies of crystals is a sacred and powerful process. Crystal Therapy can be useful in many different ways, for e.g.:
• boost your energy.
• attract wealth and help you to keep it.
• absorb negative and electromagnetic smog.
• heighten your intuition and increase your creativity.
• stimulate the ability to put your thoughts into words.
• ameliorate jealousy and anger, reduce stress, and release negative patterns.
• attract angelic energy into your life and link you with your soul’s purpose.

Ancient Indian seers perceived seven chakras along the spinal column. Each of these has their own function for maintaining health. Through observation, intuition and dowsing, a Crystal Therapist can determine which of the chakras need re-balancing to restore equilibrium to the system as a whole.

Stress-related disorders have become increasingly common in Western Society. Stressful events become frozen into repeating time-loops of memory in the body’s muscles, as well as in the mind and emotional responses. Crystal healing is one of the most effective ways of allowing this trapped energy to release safely.

Functions of Crystals
Have you ever wondered why there is such a diversity of gems and minerals upon this planet? When crystals are properly used they can bring light into areas of darkness and neutralize blockages within our being. Their numerous functions include: Reception, Reflection, Refraction, Magnification, Transduction, Amplification, Focusing, Transmutation, Transference, Transformation, Storage, Capacitance, Stabilisation, Modulation, Balancing, and Transmittance.


Triclinic e. g. turquoise, and rhodonite. They have an aspect of totality or completeness. They help to balance the yin and yang energy within us. They assist in merging and harmonizing polarities of any type of energy.
Hexagonal e.g. emeralds and other members of the beryl family, aquamarines, and apatites. These tend to give off energies and encourage processes of growth and vitality. They can be used for healing, energy balancing, communication, and storing information. Their energy is associated with service.
Cubic e.g. diamonds, garnets, and florites. Crystals of this nature have an energy pattern that can assist in the repair of damaged cellular structures, from DNA up to the skeletal system. Used in meditation, they help in dealing with bulky problems or things that tend to be more mundane or of an earth-plane nature.


Trigonal e. g. bloodstones, carnelians, agates, amethysts. They continually give off energy which is neither positive nor negative, but of a balanced nature. They are used in balancing the subtle energies of the human body. They help to prepare the multilevel energy systems of the body for spiritual work, and are important in working with the chakras and the kundalini energies.

Monoclinic e. g. azurite, jade, malachite, and moonstone. Their nature is that of continual expansion and contraction. This aspect of pulsation helps to serve as an impetus to action and growth. They can point the way to go by clearing away obstructions to our inner vision.

Orthorhombic e. g. peridot, topaz, and alexandrite. They encircle and encompass energy patterns, problems, and thoughtforms. They can bring far things closer, or project near things further away. They allow us to isolate problems and contain them until they can be worked out at various levels of experience.

Tetragonal e. g. zircon, wulfenite, and chalcopyrite. These are half-giving and half-receiving in nature. Following the absorption of negative energies, these stones act to transmute the negativity. They are useful for attunement to higher dimensions.