I had the privilege of seeing a Therapist receive therapy and was humbly reminded that we are all a work in progress and that this life is about interdependence, not independence. We need each other. This gentleman has been treating people for years quite effectively. Now he stood ready to face his own reality: self-hatred. How could we be carrying around self-hatred while reaching out and touching lives and obtain good results? It has to be the mystery of God’s mercy. The Therapist started out very macho and made expert comments and asked the right questions, the kind of affront that is expected at these functions, then somewhere along the line something was said that touched his core and realization turned him into vulnerable person. I could feel the change and it stirred in my heart a desire to channel love towards him. With the mask shed, we felt deep respect for him for we saw ourselves in him. His courage to do this in front of us, to move beyond this hurdle in his life, caused love to gush out, and it came right back at us like face answering face in water. No one said: I love you, but it resonated back and forth. We were on the same wavelength and it felt beautiful, nourishing.


That with which we struggle takes various forms and it helps to know that someone is there for us, not someone who says so just to appease us, but someone who knows. I am very grateful that over the years you have allowed me this form of therapy. I share my experiences with you and you respond in your own way, and even when the response demands that I re-examine my methods, I still feel the love resonating. Thanks for not tanning my hide for the numerous ways in which I break the rules of this practice. I received an email recently and asked permission to share part of it with you. Here goes… Good day, how are you? I massage using my thumbs a lot and right now the right thumb is paining when I flex it. Could you help me with some massage techniques that provide the same results without me having to use my thumbs? I can’t afford to lose my thumbs. Please HELP.


You might recall my rhetoric in class about saving our thumbs, keeping them close to the index finger. I say that over and over, but it is so natural to involve the thumbs in everything we do that after a few moments we go right back to probing with them. I probably need to hold typing classes within the massage class to create the awareness that the other four digits can do a lot more than we give them credit for. Once that is realized, the thumbs will get an ease. One of the reasons we study the bodily systems is to facilitate an understanding of how they are organized and function, and that understanding needs to show itself when we execute a massage. Once per week I do four 1-hour massages back to back from about 7:45am to 12 noon with the little time in-between spent washing my hands. I am often asked if my hands aren’t tired. No. No pain either. For me the fatigue comes from exchanges on the subtle levels, so I need to sleep afterwards. Our strengths and weakness are in different places and we need to understand ourselves to effectively take care of ourselves. When we are broken, or dead, another Therapist will take our place. Wisdom is the principle thing. Know that our hand is not independent; we work from our core through our arm, and our hand by extension. We have to assess the best angles to work from and take our time, especially when working deep, because we need steady pressure to effect change, not trembling fingers tripping over each other. There is no particular how not to advice I can give on an injured thumb in the sense that until we find our balance (in each session), every technique can be overdone and result in some degree of discomfort to the Therapist. Hence the same advice and treatment we give to clients who suffer strains and sprains will apply to us as we would have overextended the tendons and ligaments.

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I remember some students who did their externship at a particular spa remarking that they were deliberately given the deep tissue clients while the spa staff provided other treatments. We see this also with many Physiotherapists who opt for doing consultation while an Assistant labours somewhere in the back. My idea of massaging a client with tense shoulders would start out with a few passes of effleurage, and while my hands are assessing the extent of the rigidity, they are also pulling excess energy out of the system via the Large Intestine and Triple Heater meridians. I would work across the muscles to assess how much play I have in pulling it away from the bone, so I’d do some wringing – pulling on the trapezius with my four digits from anterior to posterior, while pushing with the heel of my hands from posterior to anterior. I could then transition to deep stroking along the length of the muscle. Working contra-laterally, I’d pull with my four digits from the acromion process into the transverse and spinous processes, then move around the table and work from spine to shoulder. I could compress the trapezius on either side with my forearm while rocking gently and trying for deeper compression each time I lean forward. I can use my knuckles, or the combined middle and index fingers, or my elbow to address any irregularities in the tissue. Having done so and not gotten the exact results I desire, it is most safe to use my thumbs because much of the surface tension which would have presented resistance to the work of my thumbs has decreased. During my initial work, if a client says: right there in identifying a tense spot, I make a note of it instead of addressing it immediately because if the muscle group is not sufficiently relaxed I would have to labour over that spot. A good measurement of the appropriateness of what we are doing is to ask ourselves whether we can do the exact treatment on three persons back to back. If no, then we need to change something. Our work is an extension of us and self-inflicted injuries for the benefit of our clients is not martyrdom, it is self-hatred. Let’s love ourselves and that love will motivate us to make little adjustments to our techniques, thus enabling us to meet the needs of our clients while consciously taking care of ourselves.


At one of the Homes I visit there is a resident who comes into the room and makes conversation while I massage my client. I’ve counted as many as ten times in one hour, then I stopped counting, where she asked the same question. I might have asked you this before, but I always wanted to know if when you do that (massage) if her pain could transfer to you. At first I answered a few times then changed the topic. But one day I decided to challenge myself to give a fresh response each time, and I was amused at the ability to amass ten answers to the same question in one hour. I probably should take up Politics. Okay, I’m returning to that field controls the particle idea. The human energy field is invisible to most because our physical sight is programmed to see things that vibrate at a low/slow rate. Those who can see the aura usually see it as light having different colours depending on the person’s mood or experiences. If the field controls the particle and the aura is light then the body has to be light. Science has proven that the nucleus radiates light (though they can’t say from where) and the cell membrane being liquid crystal reflects that light. Millions of cells radiating their light through the membrane certainly produce greater light than one lit candle in a room. Yet, we don’t see how it is that we are the light of the world. Is it possible that we have the same complex that the Indigenous people had when the European ships approached their shores, but they did not see them? We are told that we cannot see something that we are not looking for, or something for which we have no frame of reference. If we are indeed working towards a better tomorrow in an Aquarian age, shouldn’t methods for seeing our true selves be included in school curricula along with those ‘tablets’ for toddlers? To whose advantage is it that we continue to walk blind while atheist scientists continue to find reasons to believe in their labs?


So that speculation where I ventured that the person who perceives the sun as communicating through its rays information of solar system, and collecting information from our bodies and sending it out holds sway. The solar system is a greater field than the HEF, and light is dominant in this field, so by default if we are located in the solar system we are light. Getting back to that question of transfer… It is said that energy transfer occurs when two vibrating systems are in resonance, or said differently, when waveforms coming out of two or more vibrating substances having nearly the same waveform. Hence pain transfer is possible, but it will not necessarily happen on every occasion. There has to be a leveling of the playing field between Therapist and client that facilitates the right degree of harmony, and like a sympathetic tooth that begins to ache, the Therapist will become aware of the client’s pain in his/her body. And this does not require touching, it can happen before you arrive on the scene. We are light so that is possible just like images show up on our LCDs without us having to go to the particular physical location to experience the activity. We can experience the symptoms of our client before we physically meet them. This happens more regularly than we are aware of because we do not think of the effectiveness of the liquid crystals within us, what we do is try to understand the last thing we did that might have caused the pain. We look back for a reasons instead of looking forward.


The phenomenon of all the females living in a building (whether or not they are relatives or friends) eventually menstruating around the same time can be attributed to our internal crystals. A resonating system will vibrate or broadcast its energy on a wave that has a particular frequency. Only one female might be on this frequency and she biologically responds to the broadcast. Soon the two of them will start menstruating together. Over time, the two will affect the frequency of a third, and a fourth, etc., because liquid crystal forms coils and the vibration eventually takes on an oscillating effect that allows it to reach out further and further. I am sure the men with several wives can testify to not being able to turn to any of the wives for comfort as they are mysteriously all in the red at the same time. Like it or not, we are very much a product of our environment. The body is forced to process the cues that bombard it and we can pretend that is not the case, tag along, or work from the inside out to control our response to that in which we are caught up.


One of the points we read about crystals during the workshop is that many of them have a similar matrix to that of bone, honeycomb, coral, etc. A hexagon. As energy is stored in the hexagon, the molecules are drawn closer together and move in a spiral as they build, this spiral can be clockwise, or anti-clockwise. Simultaneously a luminescence happens and the internal energy (the energy that is compacted in the space around which the construction is occurring) changes to a specific frequency of light and this light is then transmitted away from the hexagon. One of the many roles of our meridians is to act as antennas, and through them we pick up information in advance (of physically stumbling into it) so that we can make necessary preparation for an encounter or avoidance of such. The light that is transmitted away is projected into other tissues and even out of the body to those in our space…and beyond. Light is light. Hence my refusal to injure my thumb in my efforts to rid my client of pain. Not because I am better than the other Therapist, but because there are times when communication through the meridians in my hands that are touching the client, and my aura that is interfacing with the client’s tell me that the cause is not physical, and I am learning to trust that communication as there is nothing I can do physically to remove pain on a level that is not physically accessible. I am setting myself up for deep frustration. Sure! The client would have explained how he/she hit their shoulder while wandering around a dark room. Listen, manifestation occurs when we move something from a higher frequency to a lower one, or when we move something from inside us to the outside. Sorry for being so…whatever, but the pain was there and the lowered vibration manifested it. Sorry that I seem to lack an understanding of how something as basic as you hitting yourself and experiencing pain because your lymphatics have been thrown off or your nerve impinged. What I am most sorry about is that we cannot have a conversation in which no one and nothing is to be blamed for your pain because we traced your ‘accident’ back to a thought you had.


A few days ago I did a massage for a client who brought out a bowl with crystals to be used during the session. I selected an amethyst pendulum to assess and clear the chakras, massaged the back, placed crystals along her spine and left them there while I worked on her legs, then removed the crystals and went through the chakras again with the pendulum. Hocus-pocus. Maybe, but it is always refreshing for me to have these experiences. Due to the foods we eat, etc., etc., the matrix of our cells becomes disrupted. Thus the liquid crystals that are an integral part of us become asymmetric, i.e. they vibrate out of phase with each other, or them become deformed, i.e. their vibration is random and chaotic. In using crystals during the massage, we were placing something into the field that we felt would to affect the particle/her body in a structured way. Their organized hexagons became a source of inspiration or a measurement that luminescence of her cells can capture and communicate through the network in her body. Looked at another way, the light reflected through the crystals projected into the crystals in her body forcing them to come into alignment. Symmetry. Liquid crystal has the ability to reorganize energy into different frequencies so change is very much possible once the imprint from the crystals used during the session were received. And this imprint is not some hypothetical thing. It has very real mental and emotional effects because it acts as an amplifier of the bio-energetic field of the client.


The communication facilitated through luminescence is not limited to crystals, but anything in our space. Hence our ability to feel what our client is feeling that they might or might not have verbally shared. Hence our ability to feel love/compassion for each other. It’s in our own interest to observe our responses to the people with whom we interact. Some folks are truly good for us, they excite our photons and we light up, literally. However briefly the encounter lasts, it does the world of good for our cells. We need to identify such people in our lives and (don’t overdo it) allow ourselves to benefit from their presence. In relation to our clients, we need to consider that despite the awkwardness this can create, in their reality we excite their photons. So let us continue to practice with awareness knowing that their liquid crystals are affected by our thoughts and emotions and the onus is on us to act professionally. Having been entrusted with modulating their low frequencies, let us fluff up their aura until high frequency energy permeates their body and mind, and hope to God that they don’t drop right back into low frequency mode when we leave. Like a battery that is unable to hold the charge, some clients cannot seem to hold onto the benefits of a massage treatment. This aids our income, but it also aids our learning if we try to understand what is happening.


Our DNA allows information or energy to reach between worlds (literally) of scales thanks to what is called the Golden Mean Ratio. You can look that up. This happens through the braiding of long wave data fields to the short ones. Now, this relationship exists in the molecular pattern of quartz, water, bone, fascia, and cerebro-spinal fluid, which explains our need for water in the management of our systems, and also how the resonance of crystals can help us heal. In trying to understand why our client is not holding the charge we facilitated through massage we can consider that the energy stored in our hexagonal structures is actually memory. That’s right, energy is memory. Memory is not an exclusive function of the brain, but it is spread out in our bones and fascia and whatever fluid we have. If our red blood cells are made in the bone then our blood-related diseases are the result of asymmetric or deformed hexagons in our skeletal system. Hence the memory of how to produce perfect cells for optimal function is skewed, but production must go on and we take what we get. If I fall and is bruised, after that bruise is healed I would still retain the memory of that fall in matrix of my bones which can make me cautious or create a phobia. My body might reject tight pants or shoes as any pressure against the long healed leg triggers the memory of the bone of being compress against the ground in that fall.


When the complexities of that spiral through from bone to fascia and produce pain, tell me how are we to resolve that with a deep tissue massage. Tell me how do we stop the migraine that is spurred on by similar imbalance in the matrix of the cerebro-spinal fluid. Ladies and gentlemen, I trust you can understand why I am sometimes tired of neuro-muscular conversations. They do not say quarter of the real story, but if not talking about the real story is the norm, who would I have this real conversations with? Let’s consider that message from the book of Job: hither to shall thou come but no further if our concept of effective massage therapy is locked into the physicality that surrounds it. For it is when we seek answers to better help our clients and find ourselves with even more questions than the ones we started out with we can appreciate that the efficacy of the treatment lies in it being done through us. The height of our ignorance renders us unqualified to resolve any bodily issue, but for the grace of God.