The Politics of the day amuses me.  Yesterday I hurried out of the hot sun and I sat in a taxi freezing over from the AC while the driver waited for other passengers.  A talk show programme was blasting on the radio and heated debates went back and forth over whether it is possible for a particular Politician to be a Baptist and a Hindu at the same time.  The driver kept adding his comments as if the moderators and callers could hear him.  Then he shook his head and asked: how do these programmes get aired?  He was talking to me.  I told him they have sponsors who obviously believe that they have merit.


A lady joined us.  She had one adjective for all who believes in anything but Christ: retarded.  Over and over I heard of the retardation of this person and that.  I said they can be both and the elders who are worth their salt know this, but it serves the purposes of the various religious bodies to foster segregation.  She did not say it, but the thought might have crossed her mind: that I am retarded.


I asked what is white.  The driver said a colour.  I questioned the validity of that.  He insisted it was.  I said so it is with all other concepts, we approach them based of our level of knowledge and/or understanding.  I suggested that he consider white to be an idol.  Whether you wear it as long or short clothing, place it on you altar, cover your head or table with it, you are actively engaging the forces of white and is therefore are a white idol worshiper.  He was silent.  Probably thinking what she thought.


The lady continued with her point that Hindus worship idols and that that is a profound difference between them and Christians.  I don’t know about that.  I described the hexagonal thing that I have in seen cars driven by Muslims that hangs from the rear view mirror that is made of many little cubes.  I have seen white with black Arabic inscriptions, and black with gold.  The driver said he has seen it too.  I asked if he knew what it was.  Decoration?  Prayers?  They are the 99 names of Allah.  99 squares identifying a different attribute.  If we were to see Allah in each of those manifestations some might be frightful and others benevolent.  The Hindus have inscriptions, but are being faulted for depicting attributes.  Meanwhile, the Christians have a long list of Jehovahs.  Write, but don’t carve it.  Hmmmm.


I said it is all the same at the core because a symbol or an idol is merely a receiving point through which a physically dead enlightened person is able to fulfill a promise that he/she made to others.  The thing is, if you have a symbol without the knowledge of what it was set up to represent then you cannot experience the life of it and would quite rightly declare it thrash.  Thus, the Hindus know what they receive through their symbols, the Christians know power of the cross and the many names of God, and the Muslims are enviably blessed through the presence of their inscriptions, etc.  To each his own.


Looking across the three religions I see differently covered heads, but covered nonetheless.  Especially in their designated places of worship.  There was a time when covering the head was purely an inner prompting.  There was no option.  Now there are debates over its necessity and options are available.  Why?  We have moved from that place where we used to be guided by our meditation, where meditation dictated our actions.  Now we follow patterns because we told to, because we have little time to meditate find out for ourselves.  But the body will always follow the mind.  That is the natural order.  And because it was not received by everyone in their meditation to cover their head, there will always be those who question the validity of it.


I mentioned the formation of a circuit during the sexual act in my last writing.  Now I want to look at the circuit in meditation.  Meditation activates all our centers, and the higher ones being what they are are particularly affected.  For some persons there is tingling on the crown or even a heaviness in the head.  It if felt that with the head exposed this energy could be easily scattered, but if the head if covered it can be retained and flow in a circuit.  This circuit could then serve to enhance the efficacy of the prayers being said or the desires of the heart so that if it normally took a month for a prayer to be answered, it will now be answered in a week, or a day.  If I have experienced this, would I waste time criticizing those who cover their heads?  No!   My head would be wrapped under so much cloth when I go to Church they might not recognize me.  I would be so busy putting in as many prayer requests as possible during that tingle that I won’t even notice that someone else’s head is uncovered let alone to criticize them.  Thus, by covering my head with the understanding, I am simultaneously a true Christian, Muslim, and Hindu.


And this is why I say it serves the various religious groups to keep segregation.  And that is perfectly fine, for the God we all serve could change that in a wink, but each colour of the rainbow has its purpose.  Another similarity is the one we engage in as Massage practitioners.  Laying on of hands.  Energy flows from the pointed extremities of a person, and the postures or mudras we form with these extremities guide the energy in certain ways.  Some rituals touch the head, some the shoulders, some the feet, etc. and the energy is transferred.  This is very sacred and at one point was done spontaneously and was 100% genuine and effective.  Now it is a formality that is often 99% empty because the toucher has nothing to give and the touchee is not receptive.  In the spontaneous case the urge is there to touch because there is something to give and the receiver is open.  In a spontaneous moment the receiver might feel the urge to place his head at his master’s feet and thus receives a downpour of energy while others mock him for stooping so low.  These days we engage in this as a ritual, as dictated by tradition, as a means of ascertaining if it will work.  We make sacrilege of our own sacraments because we do not know their value then we dare look over at the other religion and point a finger at the dust in the other person’s eye.


It is okay to passionately quote scriptures and relegate others about idols, but I’d also suggest that we throw out our radio, and our TV, and our expensive cell phones for they are no different.  The innumerable times we bow before our phones would make any God jealous, yet we talk of idols.  The making of an idol is a scientific process.  We cannot make it any old way.  There is a complete method behind it.  Devotees of every religion appeal for a sign and the enlightened ones indulge us.  So we have the twenty-four tirthankaras of the Jainas that all look alike, but are distinguished by the symbols they carry.  And we have the (main) sign of Jesus as the cross that Christians can’t get enough of.  And we have the tomb of the Mohammedan saint.  Nowhere else in the world are tombs and graves so extensively worshiped as by the Muslims.  This was done to establish a connection with the Prophet as he had forbidden any statue be made of him.  The point is, they all work.


They work like our radio.  When we install a radio, we need to ensure that the radio itself is in good condition; all the tiny pieces are in place and rightly connected.  Then we plug it in, or put in batteries.  Then we try to pick up a signal.  And there is elation when we get a clear signal, especially if it is the channel we had desired to locate.  If there is nothing but static we tinker with it until we get what we expect.  Once that is had, our joy cannot be hid.  And if I am elated at receiving news updates and music from my radio, why would I not want you to experience the same?  Because your radio is a different brand?  Rejoice with them that do rejoice.  If your radio is dead, then you need another, but it if works why not keep on using it?  And that is what we do.  I perform rituals that benefit me, and so do you, like brushing our teeth.  Different brushes, different toothpaste, but clean is what we get in the end.


So I said that idols/symbols are receiving point, and as a radio or phone, we can appreciate that, but when it looks human with extra limbs we are disturbed.  Let’s think of it this way.  Suppose I am about to die and there are a few people who love me and have seen something in me and they decide that they would like to remember me after my passing.  Before I die we can agree on a symbol.  We agree.  It cannot be decided on without me.  The symbol could be a plant, a marble, a photography, my clothes, etc.  Then I could say that if they hold this symbol or look at it and think of me I will be present with them.  No witchcraft to it.  It is like telling myself that I will wake up at 5am tomorrow.  If my resolve is strong enough, I will not need the alarm clock.  I will awake at 5am.  And given the physical body is not the only one, then after physical death astral presence is still available.  Hence there are living temples, and dead temples.  Those agreed on by two sides are living, because though the enlightened person is dead, the promise to show up is fulfilled.  But we are losing the knowledge of this too and are merely going on pilgrimages without the understanding and wonder at not having the experience others talk of.


Dead temples are the ones people decide to construct without the consent of the other party so there is no showing up.  I might have mentioned being invited to an Orisha function some years ago.  I was chided on several occasions for my posture which was supposed to be ‘tying up’ the energies.  Having not attended such before I did not know the protocol.  Long story short, in the end there was a manifestation to validated the presence of the Orishas.  Many whispered that it was fake.  I went home and slept.  Somewhere between sleep and wake I was visited by the Orishas.  Quite unlike some of what I have heard their presence filled me with a deep sense of love.  I was asked to relay to a particular elder their appreciation for the event and their acceptance of the offerings.  I did.  The newbies to the place and practice were not fully aware, but the Orishas had a particular agreement with that place and fulfilled their part of the bargain.  There was some concern by the elder that it was a dead site because he felt no confirmation of their presence, and now that confirmation was had with me telling him things they said that I could not have possibly otherwise known, he questioned the validity of it because I was an outsider.  Some people cannot be helped.


Buddha is not known to have given any promise regarding a temple built in his honour.  What does that mean?  Go figure.  There is a whole lot of nothing going on across religions.  On the other hand, over in Tibet there is a practice based on a promise he made.  There is an assembly of 500 lamas who meet on a particular mountain on a particular full moon night, and at the exact given time Buddha’s voice is heard.  This event will not happen at any other spot with any other people.  It happens exactly according to a promised arrangement.  What this occasion does for the lamas and the communities they represent must be profound because it is assiduously prepared for and the promise has been fulfilled every year for over 2500 years now.  If I have inherited a radio that has been working for over 2000 years and is still transmitting clear signals, honey you would be rather wrong to feel that you could enlighten me on current models.  And this should be a strong consideration before we get all evangelistic.  However, if my radio is not working but merely sitting in  a corner accumulating dust and taking up space and I mention to you that I am thinking of throwing it out, I would welcome your suggestions.


We have a Ministry of Multiculturalism.  A whole Ministry, yet we possess such intolerance for the other person’s religion and those who seem to be mixing it up.  The attitude hurts us all.  I do not accept or appreciate everything.  We are all unique and I might have to alter some of your clothing before they can fit me perfectly.  But I try to be respectful for many a men have crossed floors on the religious path, and I may very well be on the promenade ringing a bell, singing Hari Krishna in the streets, or donning a hijab and feeding orphans tomorrow.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that many promises made by those who have passed on are still being fulfilled astrally today, and it is not for us to judge the other person’s actions which might be an sincere endeavour to access those promises.