Intellectual Distress



Each time I go through the business handout I wonder whether I am qualified to talk about that subject.  When I look around at what is still potential I have to wonder if it is that I am lacking the social, communication, and reasoning competencies needed for success in this career.  I have clients in all the right places/professions through whom I should be getting such an overflow of clients that I’m compelled to call other Therapists to help me.  Perfect dream.  One would presume that if I am massaging for the boss of a certain company, he/she would buy into my discourse on the benefits of massage in boosting staff morale, at least.  But no.   Their general attitude is that they found me (yea, I was lost) and will keep me to themselves.  A delusion that provides momentary comfort that I’m exclusively theirs, they paid for me.  Nice thought, but it wasn’t me, it was my service.  So I am held to their breast and patted with a hand that might well be smothering me.  Maybe I am to be no richer than their tips would allow.  Or maybe their company policy denies employees equal access to the Boss’ Therapist.


One of my tippers is a medical practitioner.  That too, the number of medical practitioners who benefit from massage is significant enough for there to be some sort of collaboration to help their patients.  Again, no.  Exclusivity prevails.  She found me and she is not sharing me across the theatre or ward.  Let them go find their own Therapist, if they like.  Isn’t that how children behave?  I’ve been observing this for so long that I don’t know if I should be aggrieved or amused.  Anyway, by our second meeting she was hugging me tightly whether or not I wanted to be hugged.  Good for her that she found enough evidence of the benefits of massage within herself to express appreciation.  So we had an interesting conversation, well several, but this one went off the deep end in that it did not fit with her usual logical contributions.  She told me she had a nightmare she wanted to share.  Dreams hold more fascination than waking reality, so I was gamed.

She was out and about going somewhere when she became aware of someone trying to run into her.  All her efforts to avoid this were futile and the vehicle rammed her to a wall where she sustained injuries that bled badly.  She awoke in panic and could not sleep back being haunted by the images.  Blood was the most outstanding feature in her mind and she figured it entered her dreams because it is predominant in surgery – her area.  Logical, reasonable.  I told her I’m used to people saying that dreaming of blood means there will be some degree of embarrassment coming to the dreamer, but there are other directions we can look in.  For example, she is here through the efforts of an organization because of her expertise.  I suggested that we can view blood in the light of knowledge.  She was gamed.


The blood contains all we need to know about ourselves, more or less.  I suggested that she consider those in her space who are eager to learn what she knows and how she has responded to sharing her knowledge with them.  Maybe someone so badly wants her knowledge/blood that they are prepared to force it out of her by any means necessary.  In the dream the person did not face her head on and tried to cut her to gain access to the blood, they backed her up into a helpless position using excessive/non-human force resulting in trauma and hemorrhaging.  Maybe someone is prepared to bulldoze her with superior (bureaucratic, not debarring spiritual) authority to get what they want.  Why pay expats high incomes with added benefits to do a job that a local could undertake given the scope?  Just provide relevant training, top-up his/her salary, and keep the first world folks where they belong.  With folks thinking like that it might be in her interest to consider appeasing the situation by offering tit-bits of information where possible, rather than outright withholding as this could cause sufficient provocation and result in unnecessary damage to her person.  We can’t have her returning home with horror stories about this dot on the map.  CNN’s perspective.  I asked for her version, which she said she will share after she heard mine.  You speak from the heart.  I like yours better.  She went silent on me.


You speak from the heart.  A sentence.  It has a verb.  But she was not speaking English Language in that moment.  She was using holistic or mystical language.   In that language Heart means the subconscious/superconscious mind or all the faculties that are non-intellectual.  There is a theory that as we develop physically, development takes place in the subtle body that opens infinite possibilities for us.  In the first seven years of life the physical body alone is formed, while the others remain as seeds/potential.   Hence they are considered years of limitation because there is no growth in the emotions or intellect, etc.  Thus we cannot hold a child responsible for their actions, in Law.  If we stagnate at this stage we are considered no more than animals as the other bodies remain untouched in animals.  In such a society cultural interest in life evolve around the taste buds.  Eating and drinking.


We also notice that if the physical body of a child does not grow fully in these years, he is always sickly.  The foundation which should be firm at age seven was disturbed and is weak.  After that 7-year passes so too are opportunities to fix the foundation.  A structure is being laid on it, the emotional body, and the astral, etc.  With each phase any kind of work on the foundation comes closer to impossible.  Not many persons care to adopt children whose foundations have already been laid.  We feel strongly about participating in the foundation.  And, our criterion for selecting a preschool when that time comes around should not be I like the uniform.  Content should matter most.


During the next seven year our etheric body develops.  It is an emotional time and sexuality comes to the fore.  Puberty takes place in support of love expressed through sexual behavior, but we are told to wait until after the development of our intellect.  Sexual behavior is not synonymous with sex, but there is the fear that we could easily slip into the latter, so clip it in the bud.  Stagnation can occur here too, so that while we grow into adults we are still thoroughly tossed about by our sexual instincts.  It just has to say jump, and we ask how high.  Our personalities must be sexy.  Our literature, books, films, music, must all say sex quite loud.  How houses and vehicles must also, in our perception, have sex appeal.  We are proudly a sex-centered society, with a bias for perversions because our emotional bodies did not fully develop.


Our astral body develops between ages 14-21.  Reasoning, thinking, and intellect are developed through several means including formal education, civilization, and culture.  And we now have the right to vote.  It should be noted that because we are becoming more and more evolved the usual 7-year span for the growth of each body is reducing.  A review of academic performance may show that 21 years are still relevant to the development of this body for the majority of persons.  I do recall a classmate who repeated every class from Form 1-3 and left the school.  I met her years later as a young adult.  She had a Degree in Economics.  I was shocked and wondered what that curriculum entailed for her to have achieved such.  Again, many of us stop here and live the rest of our lives quite comfortably.  Everything is limited to what can be reasoned…intellectualized.  In such societies we will find large numbers of intellectual and contemplative people for intellectual revolutions will take place and many will be endowed with genius.


Going a bit further…beyond age 21 we venture into the world of hypnotism, telepathy, clairvoyance, astral projection and travel, etc.  These are potentials of the fourth body.  Again, if we look at different societies we can see who is where.  There are those who consider such airy-fairy, while others swear by their efficacy and scientists are ever engineering methods to fine-tuning these abilities for uses other than what our grandparents had in mind.  Caveats abound here for the more subtle things get, the greater the possibility of deception; self-deception to the highest, and of course the deceiving of others.  Thankfully, grace allows for the progress of the sincere.  Exploiters make some headway too, but often stumbling at what they know not.  Which is why for all the good that Psychologists do they can never discover certain things within the body.  They are not in the physical body, but in the subtle.  Hence they would need to develop their fourth body to be of significant help to clients who experience things beyond their evidence-based intellectualizations.


On the home-front we brush aside premonitions and other uncomfortable aspects of our lives.  But if we are not trying to understand our development, what will we say to our children when they ask about the changes they are experiencing?  As good parents we take care of our children.  We help them to grow physically strong, we vehemently advise that they stay away from the opposite sex so that they are eventually emotionally impaired, and we most definitely ensure that they go to school where the intellect is developed.  That’s it, 3 minus 1 equal perfect child.  Perfect indeed, for the bottleneck of many societies are clogged with emotionally insecure healthy-looking intellectuals who know too much to go back down, but too little or nothing about what is above to move up.  And while we are here all cramped together, the intellect shows little regard for the discomfort cramps bring and it spurs us to entertain ourselves with moots.  Here’s a topic, and there’s another.  Meanwhile, the organizations for learning what the levels above entail exist, but are not as accessible as those for the first three bodies.  That too is mooted; whether we should be skeptical because such ‘schools’ lack a certain appearance and the usual accreditation.  And the judgment is: avoid them.  Yea, that’s best…they’re weird.  You can’t send in an application anywhere, they say when the student is ready, the Teacher will appear.  What kinda school is that?  What if I’m in the bathroom when I am ready?  Disband that level of schooling immediately.


By the looks of things the majority of us humans have only developed up to the third body.  And this is what came to mind when I was told by my client that she wanted to share her nightmare and hear my take on it.  We are missing something.  Maybe it is a better education.  So we study to show ourselves approved.  In the end we don’t feel how we thought we would have felt about our achievement.  Still missing something.  We look across at an idiot juggling bottles and he is very happy.  We go over to ask for the ‘secret’ to his happiness.  Remarkable.  He cannot tell.  He doesn’t not know what to tell because he has just been doing his thing.  We think he is playing hard-to-get.  Everyone has a price, so we decide on ego-stroking.  We will humble ourselves at his feet and he will tell us the secrete.  So we sit.  Others see us there sitting at the feet of juggler and they join us.  If we are intellectuals and we are doing it, then it must be the right thing to do.  And the juggler finds himself esteemed of men who diligently try to observe which particular movement, or series of movements in the juggling brings about the happiness.


Though we may develop our intellect to its peak about massage, or any profession, we will still lack something, for we will still be ignorant as far as our fourth body is concerned.  So it’s back to: Know Thyself.  Consider this, when the intellect gets tired and needs to relax, it indulges in unintelligent pursuits.  It somehow requires the opposite of what it was actively engaged in to relax it.  The nutritionist over-eating the greasiest food in a restaurant.  The university lecturer merrily engaging in sub-zero conversation with a school-dropout.  The judge around the corner soliciting a prostitute.  To play it safe, the intellect often goes to Church when it wants to relax, which should tell us that what is being taught or practiced there is on the opposite end of the spectrum to what the intellect was engaged in.  But we just thank God that despite his busy schedule, the goodly doctor made time for service.


So, my client’s nightmare could have been nothing.  Just a case of her being distressed by her intellect.  And if the dream was something, her finding my version reasonable is no different to the intellectual at the feet of the juggler.  As Therapists we see the effects of ‘distress by intellect’ very often, but we might not call it that.  Distress by intellect causes a person to want to be rid of themselves which comes down to doing anything that is irrational.  Anything that is not ‘them’.   Bungee jumping, or telling the Therapist that she will get all their money if she does a particular thing.  They just want to drop all their learning and reasoning and discussion for a moment and to effectively do something contrary.  It is suggested that we look into the development of our fourth body, that way the intellect will have something to hold onto when it is tired and not opt for whatever is on the opposite end of our decency.


We may have passed age 28, but we can still go back and look at that dream we had, at that time we thought of someone and they texted to say they are thinking of us, those odd things.  The heart center is the place of transformation.  That which we need to know of ourselves at this stage requires transformation for us to understand.  Oh, but I just started a career and I’m not sure how transformation will affect that, so let me not bother.  Especially given that this understanding is an effort.  I can’t say: I understand and I understand.  But I have a plan…I won’t just sit at the foot of the juggler, I will hold onto it.  So when he moves…I’ll move.  If he gets transformed, I’ll be transformed.  Only one problem: no one can attain truth by following someone else.  We have to walk alone.  So when I think my weight about juggler’s ankle would keep him (the lil happiness) in my life, I’m actually hindering my progress because I formed an attachment.  Like pilgrims are told…learn, understand, welcome the scenic whenever such shows, but do not stop anywhere, do not make abode of any resting place, do not catch hold of the hand that is extended to you…  It is easier to become an intellectual than to master detachment.  So we stagnate.  I would awake one day to the realization that I am holding air because the juggler has his path to walk and has moved on.  Two shall be out in the field and one is taken.  Two shall be in a bed and one is taken.  Translation, whether we have a good workmate or a lover, he/she will move on.  So must we.  Transform.