I was asked about Reiki attunement.  It was back in 2004 when I became disenchanted with the physicality of my massage practice.  I wanted to offer my clients more, but this more was not fulfilled by greater effort at improving my techniques.  Reiki appeared on my radar and my interest was piqued.  I followed what seemed like crumbs and found it tiresome that so many claimed a monopoly on the right way to perform attunements, not to mention the cost factor, so I decided to give it a rest.  My outward search, that is.  Then one day I happened upon a book that was different.  There was resonance in flicking through the pages, so decided to read and I got lost in the book.  Everything went into the background and time changed for the moment that I read.  To date I have not read the entire book, but I received the messages in the few lines that seemed to be written to me exclusively.  Surely they were not, but such was the experience.  There was a quickening, an awakening.  I became one with something, or something became one with me, and in a few days I had a rather dramatic self-attunement.


Recently I had the honour of working with a client in the presence of another Therapist.  When I was almost through she indicated that she would do Reiki with him.  I was fine with it.  She consulted with the client and he agreed.  We have our sensitivities in different areas and from my observation she seemed aware of and responded to the energy needs of the client as projected through the various centers with which she worked.  Earlier in the session I recalled her burping.  The mind immediately considered that she probably needed some tea/coffee.  Then she clarified.  She said when she is working with a client and shifting negative/excess energy, the physical response of burping is evoked as if the energy is being moved through and out of her.  Now standing there watching me work, as my hand massaged his chest, she burped.  It was humorous, but also spoke to our connectivity.  There is no you and I and them, we are one.  What we do affect each other whether or not it makes sense to us.  My massages are as basic as that of a novice, but thanks to tools like Reiki it is more than it appears.  Some clients realize it, others don’t care as long as they feel better.  On our way home I indicated to the Therapist that the dynamics of what we facilitated could cause rapid physical recovery as is the desire of his relatives, or it could send our boy with swiftness back to his Maker.  Healing is not limited to our interpretation.


The person who asked me about Reiki said she has a neighbor who appears aloof yet there is a line outside his yard on specific days of the week.  Appearing interested or inquisitive is unbecoming given the upscaleness of the neighbourhood.  So when occasional ‘sounds’ came from that house she would chalked it up to some ‘simmy dimmy’.  Then she learnt that he does Reiki.  The rich and the famous humble themselves to this man, Reiki must be a way to make money.  Hmmm.  One would rather mistaken to think that they will get the pretty penny before Reiki first transforms them.  Whenever we attempt wielding powers that are external to us, we look and feel clumsy.  It is ineffective.  We have to become one with the power, and by the time we become one with it, we may no longer desire to gain cash from it.  Our intentions change.  The universe gets the last laugh all the time.  If you are drawn to this modality and feel to become attuned, go right ahead.  Many are offering attunements at the right price.  Just remember that an attunement is an initiation, and an initiation is a consent from above; divine confirmation of a fact.  Attunement is a delicate matter for even when a Reiki Master would have declared you initiated, if this is not corroborated above, you have nothing more than a good feeling.  I would be bold and say that initiation comes after meditation, probably because that was my experience.  So meditate about it and you will be guided accordingly.  No one really knows more about this than the other person.  It is very personal.  For all the drama with my attunement, I still did not know exactly what it was that happened.  How could I?  During the attunement I was a witness.  Nothing more.  My ego is not tolerant of this as it wants to be fluffed and handed a certificate.


Could I change the topic?  I’ll keep the fluff part.  I got fluffed.  Ran off to see a client at nightfall.  I was surprised at his call.  In my mind we did not hit is off at our first meeting, but here he was requesting a second.  My memory is that of a tight-arsed guy with legs that went on forever while his oversized shoulders which had stolen most of his neck threatened to engulf his head.  When he got out the elevator he walked pass me looking for the Therapist he called.  I sat there wearing the unique combination of colours I described on the phone, yet he seemed unable to process what he was seeing.  I let him walk.  He walked down the corridor, then up again, looked at me, then down again.  When he returned he paused, raised his brow at me, and I nodded.  A broad smile appeared on his face and he invited me to join him in the elevator.  We had a stiff introduction and stiff walk to his room.  He only loosened up in bed – the intermittent bump and grind of the hips that male clients seem to have a knack for.  When it was over we parted ways with politeness and there was no thought of seeing him again.  Yet here I was in his presence listening to his efforts to create such a moment earlier to no avail.  Massage was done in mostly silence, but it was a softer silence than the last time.  Afterwards I went to wash my hands he appeared near me in the mirror wrapped in white towel.  He wanted to show me something on his phone.  Scenes from above.  He had invested some of his cockpit time in capturing scenes of other planes and earth and sunsets, etc.  An incurable romantic?


He picked up the lotion from by the sink and told me to come and sit down.  That was sudden.  I followed him.  He patted a spot for me on the bed.  I sat.  He pulled up the puff and sat.  I thought it would be a passing thing, but no.  It took him about 20 minutes to complete his massage of one foot then to begin the other.  All this time he spoke of Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage, and I listened with fresh ears.  He either knew what he was doing, or he was fumbling with great confidence.  And he spoke about fatherhood and how his brilliant son wants to settle for mediocre and he has to foot the bill.  And he spoke of the many health searches and researches in which he engaged.  By the time be begun the next foot I was uncertain that I would be able to walk out the room.  He introduced me to the writings of Dr. Wahl and offered a few health magazines.  And the foot massage ended.  It took effort not to fall back onto the bed and tell him ‘Good night’.  There was definitely an agenda, possibly benign, but if what I experienced was the first item, then the sun might be up before he got through the others and we both had a day of work ahead.  I positioned myself by the door.  He washed his hands, took his sweet time getting the magazines for me to take (which I left because he offered fruits and I used the space in my bag for that), then to make his payment.  No complaints.  He got an hour massage.  I got 40 minutes foot massage and payment for two hours.


As I walked the streets I pondered his actions.  I distinctly felt he had anointed my feet, like he had prepared me for something to come, yet his conversation was scientific giving no hint of spirituality.  Surely, some clients are not.  Once we get past our preconceptions, we find them to be initiators, aligning our feet/bodies to/with purpose.  But don’t ask about the attunement.  They’ll look at you strangely and say they don’t know what you are talking about, yet their eyes give you that look that says: you already know the answer.