Reiki is a natural healing system, using various hand positions, which allows more energy than usual to enter the aura and body. This energy facilitates necessary changes in your life. Having Reiki treatments is one way of healing, balancing and loving yourself.

Reiki is never harmful. It enhances whatever you are doing whether on a diet or taking other therapy. Though its energy is sometimes not felt during a session, know that it is working whether or not you sense it. Be patient.

Reiki works on all three levels of consciousness. It opens the door of our minds so that we can consciously become aware of the cause of our problems. In this way we can integrate this fear and release it and be healed of our dis-ease.


**Reduces blood pressure
**Helps emotional clearing
**Removes energy blockages
**Supports the immune system
**It accelerates the bodies self-healing abilities.

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