The original meaning of the word Rune in most languages is secret or mystery.



Elements of Runes

A Rune is not simply a letter or character in an alphabet. Every Rune is made up of three elements or aspects:

Sound/Song. The sound or phonetic value of the Rune is its vibratory quality in the air…in space. This is the creative quality that is inherent in speech. This is a cosmic principle with which Runesters work when they sing or speak the Runes in acts of Galdr.

Shape/Stave. The shape of the Rune-stave is the visible characteristic of the Rune. This aspect can be the most deceptive because we put so much emphasis on what we see. The visible staves are only reflections of the actual Runes, which remain forever hidden from our five senses.

Hidden Lore. The Runes exist in a realm beyond the three dimensions and are only approximated in the two-dimensional diagrams we can see. The Runes themselves are complex and multifaceted. Hence, no one definition of a Rune is possible because each Rune is in and of itself without bounds.


Types of Runes

Hugrunes are mind runes, by which one gains intelligence. These are the mind-power runes. Their function is to bring mental excellence to the user. They are one of the most powerful and effective means of mind-consciousness.

Limrunes are runes used for healing. To get the best results from Limrunes, they should be carved on (from) the south-facing bark or leaves of the corresponding tree.

Malrunes are speech runes, by which one gains eloquence. A Malrune is a runic formula that is spoken, called, or sung to achieve the desired result. Malrunes are effective in areas of life where words are important. They can be used to gain compensation against injuries, especially in legal actions. When they are used for this purpose, they should be written upon the walls, pillars and seats of the place where the case is being tried.

Purpose of Rune Reading

The reason varies from person to person, but is often done to address a particular issue, observing it from the past, present and future perspectives. Some persons are more interested in knowing what will happen if he/she continues on the current path. The future is not set in stone, thus the runic reading is done as an evaluation process. With the Runes being a gift from the spirit world, the service of providing readings cannot be compensated for by material gifts. Hence, the contribution ‘paid’ can be considered an offering.

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