Advanced Lessons



Long before we invented sunglasses it was hinted that we see through a glass darkly. Even if we weren’t seeing through a dark glass, the fact that we are seeing through a glass changes everything. The complexity of the matter lies within. Physically, it’s our lenses, the glass in the eyes that contorts our view, but seeing with our heart is not something we are ready to practice fully. So while each moment is the essence of perfection, it seems to fall short of such because our lenses probably need adjustment or total change. Thankfully, our lenses aren’t all physical, so we can chose to go within and adjust some. With a little tweak, 2017 can seem blindingly bright with possibilities, and a glance back at 2016 might be just as blinding as we review the opportunities that were not visible due to opacity, or maybe they were contorted to seem like high-risk ventures. Perception…


It is Carnival season and I committed to attending at least one event that does not require skimpy clothing. Made it over to Globe cinema where I heard there will be Calypso. There was a fuss at the ticket booth because that night it was Extempo. Not all wits are equal, and as one contestant reminded us, too often jackasses are the ones turning up for the horse race. I went outside to check the food vendors while trying to decide. They didn’t cater for vegetarians despite all dem dreadlocks at de venue. Back inside. The lady in the ticket booth gave me a business card. Said I can check that website, the guy is streaming the show. If I like it, next year I could come buy a ticket. Thought about it. Opened my purse and paid her. I concluded that where wit might be lacking, I might still benefit from the humour.


So yuh girl in de show. Numbers done pull. First contestant up. He was not a horse. One lightly melanized brother confused the daylight out of those musicians. He was singing to an inner beat…maybe high and getting higher on being off-key. What’s with jumping around and shaking locks, an attempt intense vertigo? Never mind. We had a breakout artiste. Why do they say that? When Kate married the Prince, was she a breakout Duchess? And shouldn’t the Prince be with a Princess and leave the Duchess for the Duke? They like to confuse us. Thankfully, Common Law is not confusing, once we lose the guilt trips. Anyway, she’s Lady Syntax. Hmmm. She looked familiar. Tell myself I know her. Her name was repeated. Yep. Know her…despite the mispronunciation. One of us. Congratulations to you, my Dear. Dem seeing-eye men couldn’t see which finger to put de ring on. Yuh gotta massage de man plenty plenty just fuh finding de finger. NCC could take my gate fee. I am more than satisfied.


Someone sang about protecting our young women. Honey, we have to start before they become young ladies. A client told me he was dating a woman who had a little girl. One day he visited their home. All was well. Then his lady friend left the room to get something. In that instant her daughter sprang onto his lap. He felt it was okay as children easily gravitated towards him. Next thing he knew, the girl shifted herself so that she was no longer close to his knees, but right up on his groin. And she started winding vigorously. Serious bump and grind. He was like: what de f…? He hastily lifted the giggling girl down and told her: No, you can’t do that. He thought of talking to his date about it, but felt she might have turned it on him because of his womanizing reputation. Someone was interfering with that child and he was not about to take the fall. He left that relationship.


As life dictates, a woman ran into a bad patch and was taken in to by her brother as she worked through that period of her life. She had her own room and was free to go and come as she pleased. One night in her dream she felt something persistently pressing her to the bed. She gradually came out of the dream to find her darling little niece on top of her grinding her pelvis against hers. Should it be asked who was interfering with her? Some parents are in as much denial about spousal abuse as they are about what’s happen with their children, so talking to them could get awkward. But what exactly were both girls to be protected from? Were they playing out actual experiences or TV scenes? Are children really as vulnerable as we want to believe? One does not have to be a parent to see that children are different. Small is not synonymous with ignorance/innocence. The registered ‘high incidence of child abuse’ might be reflecting that children have been around the wheel before and are now ready for more advanced lessons. Maybe we should protect the parents; the children are rallying against them across the world, with much success. Parenthood is now a kneeling position with your child talking down at you.


Meanwhile the rights of the elderly are still being drafted. I was tripsing down the road after work in the hot sun. A black shiny Hilux pulled up. The driver offered me a ride. I had seen him back in the office when I was leaving. Didn’t take long for him to ask about my role at the institution, then he wanted my opinion. Of all the Homes I visit he wanted to know which one is the best. Ahhh! The best building, the best service…? The best overall. I can’t say. I told him the one he just saw could be considered one of the best due to its patrons, affiliations, facilities, etc. And within I reflected on yet another client of mine who jokingly complained of strange marks on her skin. She said it started happening after she went there to live and she is still trying to determine whether it is nature or supernatural. Every time she laughs about it, I laugh about it. She waits for a volunteered opinion, and I just keep smiling. She will not say that the Therapist say that some forms of abuse of the elderly are supernatural. Next week she’ll point out the fresh mark and joke about that one too and we’ll laugh together.


Mr. Hilux said having visited a few he has the same conclusion, but desires more for the loved one he would like to institutionalize. He did explain that he is not doing so because he wants to. I told him I understand many of the factors that can bring about such a decision. Besides, it is argued that some folk live longer in Homes than if they were left to their own wishes. Then again, perception of living longer is kinda funny since a particular time is allotted to each person regardless of good or bad circumstances. Example, healthy people continue to die while vagrants continue to live with broken bones, life sores, an abundance of bacteria, etc. He asked what I thought of the willingness of folk to pay high prices for elderly care. Some might be more than willing if they feel assured of exclusivity. All this mixing with the common man is irritating for some who have been to the top of the ladder. There is a petite White lady who is tired of the commoners in her house (the Home), and she has a mouth of Black comments. And if you see her husband, a strapping Black man. Back to Mr. Hilux who is considering opening a high-end Home that would cost upwards of $10,000 per resident per month. I told him I hope some of that money filters down to staff otherwise his Home will be one of the best that continues frustrate.


So yes, this can be a year of great expectations and the fulfillment to go along with them. As usual, some of us have done a bit of fasting to ensure we are aligned with these great possibilities. Talking of fasting… While massaging a client he asked if I was still writing. Yes. Enquired what I wrote of last. I told him he can read it for himself. Nah. Wanted me to recount. Fine. Massaging and recounting. Thought I saw a flash. I looked up. The dear fellow ejaculated and that was what I glimpsed flying from its spout onto his chest. Was it the strip rummy or the sex toys? I stopped the massage and asked what might the matter be. Wasn’t he sleeping with his wife? Yes, but he hasn’t had sex in three days because he was fasting. Three days? I could only hope that all those men who have gone sexless for three days and more don’t start erupting like geysers around us. Poor guy, he was living on edge for three day. But they say if we aren’t living on the edge, we’re taking up too much space. Well, he fell, or was it broke? So we need to rethink the edge.

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