Alzheimer’s Disease

NH_MisplaceAlzheimer’s is considered an attack on the hippocampus in the brain, thus the neurons that make new memories and retrieve old one become entangled resulting in impairment in memory, cognition, and behaviour characteristics. It can lead to dementia and death, and is prevalent in the elderly from age 60 and beyond, but more so in Blacks than Whites. Early signs may include: challenges in planning or solving problems, difficulty completing familiar tasks, confusion with time and place, misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps, etc.

NH_PrescriptionThere is uncertainty as to the cause of the disease, but generally agreed that in most cases it in non-inherited. There is some evidence that links it to herpes simplex virus 1 which can infect the brain and cause flare-ups that could be the primary cause of damage associated with the Alzheimer’s. Another reason to consider is prescription brain-calming drugs that are used for insomnia and anxiety.

NH_DocThus it is important to see a Doctor early if you feel you have the disease given that elderly people take several different medications at once and these combinations can often result in memory loss, confusion, etc. Another reason to consult with a medical practitioner is to allow for the ruling out of other possibilities given that that some of the symptoms mimic those of other treatable disorders.


At A Glance
Causes: these can occur as a result of toxic metals, hormone imbalance, chronic infections, high blood pressure, family history and genetics, and obesity.

Treatment: the diet can be made to include an antioxidant formula with a wide range of antioxidants such as selenium, carotenoids, vitamin C, A, and E, to heal damage from free radicals. Meditation and prayer can also be used to manage the stress.

Prevention: the client should be strict in avoiding all forms of refined carbohydrates, as well as trans-fat found in packaged and fried foods.

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