NH_FaintThis occurs when there is insufficient haemoglobin in the body causing the person to feel weak and tired at first then it progresses to experiences of headaches, difficulty concentrating, and fainting. A series of illness can result indicating a suppressed immune system. Haemoglobin transports oxygen, from which every cell gets a large portion of its energy, through the blood. In the absence of such the brain, the muscles, and all the other tissues begin to slow down.

NH_GumAnaemia can occur as a result of iron deficiency through bleeding, e.g. menstruating women with heavy menses; a poor diet and absorption problems, e.g. the elderly who often lose their ability to absorb nutrients; post-surgery; trauma, gum disease, haemorrhoids, polyps, cancer of the colon, and bleeding ulcers; or an increase in the body’s need for iron as in the case of pregnant women.

NH_B12Sometimes anaemia is due to hereditary blood disorder in which the blood cells are destroyed prematurely and the person must be under lifelong medical care, as in the cases of thalassemia, sickle-cell disease, and spherocytosis. Another way in which this can happen is if the person is unable to absorb any Vitamin B12, but this one can be easily remedied with regular injections of Vitamin B12 or by improving stomach acid levels

At A Glance

Causes: these are noted as poor digestion and absorption due to low stomach acid, inherited blood disorders, chronic blood loss, inability to absorb vitamin B12, poor diet, and pregnancy.

Treatment: the daily diet should include 50-100mg of iron glycinate, 1000-2000mg of B12, and 2000mg of spirulina which all help to supplement and stimulate red blood cells. Frequent massage will also help to improve blood circulation.

Prevention: avoid cow’s milk which is known to cause hidden bleeding in the intestines, and iron blockers in the form of black tea, coffee, and sodas.

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