Back Pain

NH_BackThis occurs due to strained muscles in the back and could come about due to stress or bad posture. For some it is just a matter of age, as statistics show that adults over forty have some disc degeneration which reduces shock absorption, create muscular imbalance and poor flexibility, misalignment of the spine, ligament and tendon injuries, and nerve impingement that result in severe pain. Long periods of inactivity may be a spin-off from this which then weakens the back to the point where minor actions like twisting or coughing can trigger pain.

NH_PregnancyPregnancy, obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis, and disorders of the kidney, the bladder, the pelvis and the prostate are all contributing factors to back pain, while constipation and digestive disorders can refer pain to the back area. Also, there are many instances where poor lifting techniques cause enough strain or injury to induce back pain.

NH_NumbSometimes the pain is a signal of a stroke, osteoporosis, or cancer. If the pain is radiating down the leg or accompanied by numbness or loss of muscular, bowel, or bladder control, it is best to consult a Doctor as there is possibility of paralysis. A visit to a chiropractor or an osteopath can allow for the relevant manipulations to correct any postural problems and realign the body.
At A Glance

Causes: these include disorders of the kidney, the bladder, the prostate or the pelvic region; high heels, obesity, pregnancy, smoking, constipation, emotional stress, premenstrual syndrome, poor posture and spinal misalignment, and inactivity.

Treatment: the best one would be exercise, a visit to the chiropractor or osteopath, massage therapy to relieve tension, food that are rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Prevention: avoid products that increase inflammation like caffeine and alcohol, and products high in saturated fats that could cause you to gain weight.

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