Bad Breath

NH_MouthwashThis can be as a result of ingesting certain foods that release sulphur compound into the mouth and bloodstream, but it can often be a problem insufficient oral hygiene in which bacteria feed on the remaining food particles after a meal and the sulphur odour is given off as a digestive by-product. This is remedied by brushing of teeth after meals and gargling with mouthwash.

NH_RootIn the event that appropriate oral hygiene steps are taken and the odour remains, it possibly speaks to excess toxins in the body caused by improper diet and poorly functioning digestive system. The body uses the breath as a means of dispelling toxins especially when it is not adequately able to do so through defecation due to constipation. Other considerations are root canal infections, mercury filling decay, mucus formation from tonsillitis or sinusitis, and excessive use of antibiotics which wipe of the good flora in the body.

NH_WatercressA visit to the Dentist can clarify the nature of the problem and provide suitable recommendations for the patient. In addition, healthful sources of fibre can be incorporated into the diet to improve the digestive system’s ability to process and expel toxins. Parsley, alfalfa, watercress, and green vegetable are good sources of chlorophyll which help to neutralize bad odour in the bloodstream and the lungs. Plenty of clean water also keeps the system fluid.

At A Glance
Causes: Diabetes, pungent or spicy foods, gum disease, smoking, constipation, flora imbalance in the mouth and respiratory tract, liver failure, tooth decay, decaying mercury filling, poor diet, inadequate dental hygiene, and sinusitis.

Treatment: the diet should include plenty clean drinking water, unsweetened yogurt, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and 200-250 mg Milk Thistle daily. Create a mouth wash with rosemary and peppermint tea. Brush teeth after every meal.

Prevention: the client is encouraged to avoid dairy products which form mucus; refined sugars and food that carry them; and that take a long time to be digested such as red meats, fried foods, and processed foods.

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