Adrenal Fatigue

NH_CravingThis conditions presents with an inability to cope with physical, emotional, and mental stress the way a person normally would. As a result the person is now poised for chronic fatigue, chronic infections, cognitive problems, imbalanced immune system, joint and muscle deterioration, slow reflexes, inability to lose or gain weight, frequent infections, low back pain, low blood pressure, salt/sugar cravings, and the inability to control inflammation.

NH_AddisonsDespite the above, conventional medicine underrates the diseases ability to induce ill health and disease. There was a period in history when they recognized Adrenal Fatigue under the name of Hypoadrenia, which means under-function or low-functioning adrenal glands. Now they only acknowledge Addison’s disease, a disorder characterised by the adrenal glands’ inability to produce enough stress hormone.

NH_AdrenalsAdrenal Fatigue occurs between the extremes of optimal adrenal function at one end and Addison’s disease at the other. The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys and the outer part secrete cortisol, pregnenolone, and dehydroepiandrosterone which support the body’s response to stress, and aldosterone which helps regulate blood pressure. The inner part secretes adrenaline and noradrenaline which also helps with the stress response. Bringing a person into balance who has found themselves between the two extremes not only improves adrenal function, but also achieves noticeable overall improvement in health.


At A Glance

Causes: these include steroid medication, anaemia, chronic pains, nutrient deficiencies, over-exercising, and prolonged mental, emotional or physical stress.

Treatment: prescriptions for 250mg Ashwagandha, 300mg Rhodiola, 500mg Licorice root, 1000mg Vitamin C, and 500-100mg B-Complex can be filled for daily use along with a whole-food diet including adequate protein and natural salts that can be consumed in small portions several times throughout the day.

Prevention: the main things to avoid would be artificial sweeteners and preservatives which may be disguised in refined carbohydrates, the ingestion of which should be resisted.

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