Mysticism and Prosperity


Mysticism is a natural condition, which explains the millions who continue to be followers of the great Mystics like Krishna, Buddha, Christ… Their messages speak to and open our hearts, the place of love. The awakening of the heart centre and its perception is important to us because it is here that Union with God is realized. Our desire to commune with the Divine comes from this place of love and prompts us to explore the various paths of mysticism that we may be better aligned with our purpose and the resources available to fulfill it.

Hatha Yoga is a very acceptable form of mysticism practiced by many. We associate it with the overall health tone of the physical body, but this concept does not take from the truth that the main concern of Hatha Yoga is utilizing physical postures and breathing exercises to stimulate the psycho-physical chemistry, in order to awaken the chakras, which are also called psychic centres.

NChakrasEach chakra relates to certain stages of consciousness, and by fully activating each, the mind grows in its awareness of the Divine. For some people, the opening of all centres may be experienced simultaneously, but generally, activation takes place one centre at a time. The latter can be considered nature’s way of safeguarding the conscious mind through a gradual growth pattern. This ensures that the conscious mind does not become aware of the unconscious content of the mind that it is not prepared to assimilate.

So there is a part of us that guides us towards efforts like the various forms of Yoga, and by extension, greater awareness of our Divinity. Other methods to which we may be drawn include Runes, Kabbalah, and Crystals. Many of us are more familiar with crystals, which are reservoirs of healing energy. We may have a piece in the form of wares, jewelry, paperweights, salt lamps, etc. Our skeletal system resonates with crystals, and given that blood cells are made in the marrow, the healing we receive in our bone can be distributed through our circulatory system.

NRunesUnlike our receptivity to crystals, there can be some reservation when it comes to exploring the principles of methods Kabbalah, Runes, etc. These they are no less mystical than crystals. They all facilitate prosperity/blessings in various aspects of our lives, for which we diligently pray. Even those who have stepped away from religion continue engage the spirit realm for blessings. In secular arenas, the investigation of parapsychology is contributing to more open-minded attitudes regarding mystical views and many are using that perspective to access blessings. Everyone desires a prosperous life and the great Mystics, whose teachings we follow, have given us several methods to be experienced. Good health in our minds, bodies and finances are all considered blessings. Thus mysticism and prosperity were always good bedfellows.

Some of the reservation we may feel about unfamiliar methods come from our observation of what happens to persons who are a bit neurotic. They get caught up in deeper meditation experiences to such an extreme that they are inhibiting their ability to function in physical reality. For while they are yet to straighten out their own worldly minds, they stretch themselves thin trying to handle multiple dimensions of reality. They can indeed become more psychic, but their daily living is no better off than before. Some are less able to function due to the increased mental load they have brought upon themselves.

NHeavenlyWhen a person meditates, contact is made with the inner levels of the mind, the unconscious. The particular planes to which a person’s mind opens up seem to correspond to one’s own emotional energy factor at the time of meditation. If people are emotionally depressed, they may open to a lower dimension. On the other hand, if they are spiritually high emotionally, higher dimensions may open to them. Thus we return to the need to be sincere and to do what we do from the heart, the place of love. And…perfect love casteth out all fear.

I met a young woman who has lost her job and is estranged from her husband and children after developing ‘mental problems’ and deemed unfit to associate with regular members of society.  She even did a stint in St. Ann’s…  This came about after she diligently took up Yoga practice.  She would tune in to the television program and did the practice in the ambience of her living room.  One day something happened, and, in my opinion, she got trapped in another dimension.  Chakras are worlds, they are real places in which one can get lost without appropriate guidance.  Yet, we continue to do Yoga as a keep-fit method, oblivious to the energies we are accessing within ourselves.

Kabbalah is a word often associated with Jews and European mysticism.  Yet for many the introduction to Kabbalic energies may occur in dreamspace, and definitely on the mourning ground.  Our lenses change depending on where we stand, and it is understood that some of the energies we refer to as Angles/Angels/Orishas may have their Kabbalistic manifestations, each having a lesser or greater association with particular Chakras.  So when we posture our hands, feet, or whole bodies, we are writing in symbolic language.  When the invisible realm responds to the symbols, sometimes we get good results, sometime bad, because we are often not using formula, or practicing consciously.  We are merely coping what others did without the understanding.

Christ is quoted as asking: Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? Whatever the human mind will ever be, it already is. The seed truth is already in the soil of the unconscious mind. We can therefore understand Christ to be suggesting that whatever you will become, you already are because it is in your mind. Therefore, you cannot add anything outwardly to yourself, but you can choose to become aware of what you already are. That is the attribute of Keter, so that is Kabbalah. That is also Biology, the one cell embodying all and facilitating the many through mitosis. In love, Christ thought these principles and those who practice them experience increased awareness and the benefits of such.

NProsLet us choose to grow in awareness through application of these principles and thereby manifest the resources that within us dwell. Meditation is a proven method for gaining relaxation, renewing energy, and healing ailments. It allows an influx of creative thinking that is adaptable to our individual conscious life situation, helping us to function better in the worldly environment. From the heart centre, let us engage the mystical principles for the betterment of our lives so that we become more aware, establish a more positive spiritual identity, and also become better contributors in society.

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