Spiritual Work


Here I am, making effort…after being asked to say some of the things I used to say.   This Easter weekend was nice.  Did some work, which came with their stories.  Spirituality, not to be mistaken for religion, allowed ample range of conversation between one client and I.  It ended up at the relevance of spiritual baths.  Baptism has its place, but given that sin is committed every day, there can be quite an accumulation by the time we are ready to meet our Maker.  Well yes, the blood of Jesus is used in the meanwhile.   The constant invocation of which has made me question the difference between such and intermittent Kali puja.  Anyway, wudu as a form of baptism is a good example of the need to, or maybe how we can cleanse our non-physical ourselves with some frequency.

To each his own, so there are cleansing methods in each religion, culture, ethnicity, and the likes.  This could be seen as a mass acknowledgement that one baptism per lifetime does not get the job done given that we are said to be born in sin and shaped in iniquity.  Harsh words.  Back to spiritual baths.  My client knew someone who needed and got one.  The story was told that a man told his ‘padna’ that he was trying to get ‘his girl cleaned’ because he felt someone did something to her.  Their relationship seemed stuck on general socializing except for the few occasions when he was allowed to get close to her.

According to him, a man can get tired of just French kissing.  Any attempt of his lips straying lower resulted in his nose registering a terrible odor to his brain.  It puzzled him, especially since he would have engaged in romantic baths with her prior to his attempts.  So he knew she was clean, physically.  He was clear in his mind something unnatural was going on.  Turns out that it was one of my associates who facilitated their caused.  You can let me know if you know someone who needs someone.  Anyway, the young lady who was beautiful and very intelligent hesitantly agreed to have a spiritual bath.  It was not logical to her that a bath of any sort had the capacity to undo something spiritual, if it was spiritual at all.  But she agreed to participate because she had a few concerns as to how she could have so many natural assets and be locked into victim mode all this time.

On the day designated for the spiritual bath, they showed up with the requested items and the man was ask to leave and return in a bit when the process was estimated to be finished.  During the consultation the woman disclosed that for all her beauty men saw her differently.  Remarkable, each lover had told her that she specifically smelled like a donkey and it aroused in them a desire for aggressive anal sex rather than her girly dream of being romanced and made love to.  On each occasion that she would give in to their preference, it would be the last time they met.  She had decided on dates that were preceded or proceeded by masturbation since the comfort she desired of a partner was not forthcoming.  Then along came this guy who was caring enough to go the distance.

The ritual of the bath ensued during which she had a brief but distinct vision of her beloved aunt presenting her with food and she was made to understand that it was the aunt, who through the medium of food, had sent this curse on her.  Of course, this greatly facilitated her not outshining her aunt’s daughters, all of whom she naturally did outshine at one time.  She was shocked and expressed strong denial that her aunt would do her such.  Well, it was not someone else’ vision, it was hers, so she had to deal with it.  Consideration had to be given to not eating from that aunt anymore.  The aunt will know that the things she sent were removed and her next plate of food might have a double portion of the invisible non-nutrient stuff.  Caveat emptor.

All went well, what needed to be cleared/cleansed/returned was done.  The woman said that early in the session she felt something come up from within her and lodged in her throat and when she coughed, it flew out her mouth.  This thing was not visible to her.  As the bath progressed, she felt herself straining to push out something that was bearing down in her womb.  She pushed.  Something visible did come out.  And I am reminded that the debugging of Neo in the Matrix is not camera tricks to the person who has experienced such, albeit through a different method.  Real encompasses: corporeal, surreal, ethereal, sidereal, etc.

The gentleman returned and entered the place where the young lady was awaiting him.  He bent his head and went back out the door.  Problem?  He said when he cast his eyes on her she was radiating blue light so bright it was hurting his eyes.  Hmmmm.  They had him turn around a few times then try coming in again to look at her.  It worked.  She was even more beautiful that he remembered.  Marriage proposal was made…to this woman he never had coitus with.  Beautiful.  She was still processing the newness she felt in her body and mind contrasted by the betrayal of her aunt, among other things.  She asked him to give her a few days.  Long and short, they were married in a few months…still married.  She had also gotten the job she desired, for which she had long been qualified and repeatedly denied.

Sooooooo, how was your weekend?

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