NH_EczemaThis disease is associated with infancy and early childhood with evidence appearing on the face, head, folds of the elbows, the knees or the groin. During the acute stage it causes inflamed red, dry and itchy skin. Sometimes the patches blister and weep before the area eventually crusts over. This is often brought on by an allergic response to certain food or other substances – whether ingested or merely touched. Once the irritant is identified and removed, the eczema goes away.

NH_AsthmaIn the case of chronic eczema the skin continues to itch but may thicken and take on a leathery consistency with dry scales developing and a change in the skin’s colour. This may be hereditary and involving asthma or hay fever, difficulty handling stress, or food sensitivities. It can be linked to a suppressed immune system, low levels of essential fatty acids and other nutritional deficiencies, and poor detoxification.

NH_GeraniumIt is suggested that the root causes be treated with natural therapies to best resolve the aggravation of the conditions. A blend of lavender, geranium, and chamomile to some carrier oils will help to soothe the inflammation itching and relieve tension when applied to the skin. Both adults and children, with the children being particularly supervised, can undertake a 3-day juice fast to reduce the toxic build-up in the body. Green juices with barley, spirulina, or blue-green algae are also excellent for detoxification.


At A Glance

Causes: these include deficiency or inability to process essential fatty acids, suppressive food allergies, poor detoxification, low levels of stomach acid, hereditary, stress, imbalanced immune system, and contact with irritants such as perfumes, topical medications, plants, soaps, etc.

Treatment: a 3-day juice fast once monthly can help remove toxins from the body, along with a whole food diet to encourage a healthy internal balance, supplemented with 2-4g of Red clover especially if the skin is oozing. Topically, a preparation of calendula will heal broken or oozing skin and it has antiseptic qualities.

Prevention: the client is advised to avoid foods that cause inflammation such as sugar, dairy and spicy products. Some triggers include citrus fruits and shellfish.

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