Chakras and Crystals


MChakrasA Therapist sent me a message recently. It read: I have a few questions… How to use the chakras and meridians to bring healing to ourselves and our clients? Is there one particular crystal to use for all the chakras? I suggested that the chakras and the meridians can be likened to the circulatory system of the body; chakras being the heart and the meridians the other blood vessels. Thus they help to make up the circulatory system of the energy body. Just as we eat and drink the right things to nourish our bodies and the nutrients are taken to the cells via the blood, so too the thoughts and company we keep, the words we speak, the actions we take, all get circulated in this system and eventually impact our physical bodies as they are given access via the nervous system. So we might want to consider the things we are taking in energetically. And since each chakra is a world within itself, all the colours and crystals can be used with each. For the purpose of simplicity we map specific colours to specific chakras, but as intuitive healer we know within ourselves, even if there is no document to confirm such, that energy cannot possibly be that limited. The fact that they are called spinning wheels says that they are not fixed. How then can we fix a colour to an unfixed thing? It is blue this moment, red the next, and pink the other. So each session can be different because the colour and arrangements can change based on the guidance the therapist receives.

MBridgeWe should try to use the crystals we already have. Identify what they are and learn about their properties and see if we can recognise the changes that occurred in our lives since they have been in our possession. Meditate with them, for the work we do with crystals with our clients should merely be an extension of our personal meditation. And what if you don’t have time to meditate? I can’t imagine how that is possible unless you have a far-flung perception of what meditation is. Here is a reasonable perspective: meditation is learning to live naturally, as well as learning to be in contact with, and have control over yourself. Hmmm. Nothing in there about taking time out of your busy schedule to pray, or to be in isolation for an hour. Not that it won’t get there, but it is easier to cross bridges when we get to them.

MRingMeanwhile, we can interpret living naturally as allowing ourselves to be sensitive to the natural resources and innate intelligence we possess. The control part should mean us having control over the levels of our mind. This means that there is organisation already in place, and you will not be allowed to just take over the mind with all your positivity. It will resist. So you work incrementally at it. Without discipline any kind of control is impossible. Hence the prayers and isolation we associate with mediation. It is reason enough to appease the inquisitive brain so that it allows us a 2-minute break before it badgers us again. Two minutes of being present and in-tune with the stone in your earrings or finger ring is a very long time. What you learn might help you to appreciate the effect it has on your aura which in turn is affecting the client’s aura. Truth is, you may not need to buy crystals for placements. Just boost your jewellery collection, accept the compliments when they come your way, and know that you are doing more than just looking pretty.

MhandThere is also no need to breathlessly try to find crystals. They find you. They turn up as gifts, or show themselves by sticking out of the soil and glistening at you, or they may catch your eye while you’re out shopping other things. They also offer invitations for you to find them. You may overhear someone mentioning, or be directly told of a place or two where they can be purchased, or dug up. Who knows? Just know that whether or not they are being sold to you, there is always a price tag. Life is a big market place. We exchange. They have been exchanging before our birth. So be humble enough to inquire of the ‘free’ crystals, or yourself, what is required of you. And again, consider concept of extension. Crystals are us. They are within, physically and non-physically. It helps if we appreciate this so that with our hearts we learn to access the non-physical crystals we need and practice working with them. The heart chakra flows through the arms and functions out of the chakras in the palms. Therefore it should be possible for the client can feel the vibrations of ruby, or amethyst, or rose quartz, etc. if I but hold that crystal (as mediation) in my heart while I touch them with my hands. I’m extending my inner crystal experience, out.

MCitrineI also cautioned her to be wary of clients’ need for immediate results. Nature has laws. We’ve experienced some of the results of breaking them. Even those actions that we consider unconscious actions have unavoidable consequences. So while we would like to put a piece of citrine on the client’s solar plexus and remedy the diabetes, this might or might not happen, and the client may express irritation at all that hocus pocus done to them while they remain insulin dependent. Citirine didn’t acquire its properties overnight. It is the crystallization of something non-physical, which diabetes also is. Crystal therapy is not like the baking of bread which has a set timeframe. So the client is entitled to impertinence while citrine work on the diabetes in the non-physical realm (indefinitely) to affect new crystallization of the transformation. Some crystals are said to require no cleansing after their long work, citrine is one, so the client may do well to wear a piece for long periods. Other crystals do need cleansing, and it is for the Therapist go with intuitive guidance as to which method is best. Some folk do moon light, sunlight, burying them, sea baths, etc.

MSeaBathMy own sea baths are not as frequent as they used to be on account of the distance between me and any shore. But I try… This week I got up like a bird and prepared to head out, still got caught in the working crowd. Perseverance was the name of the game, so I arrived at my destination. Hot sun and cold water, well until I moved away from the shoreline to the warmer depths. The fishes approached, full of faith that I brought something for them. Fine. I did. Fed them and watched them darting in and out of holes in the ground. Probably taking stuff for the babies. We had a good time soaking, basking, and bonding: that which I’m in, that which I am, and that which is within me. Having had enough, I got myself together and stood by the roadside awaiting a maxi. Thought I would pay for the two front seats and lock the door. That way if I fell asleep it would be okay…just me hanging in the seatbelt.

MAmbulanceA car stopped for me. I waved the driver away, but he began to reverse to my spot. Okay. Let’s go. I was told that he had passed a few times and saw me there and I looked like I needed company in the water and he wanted to join me but will hope for an invitation next time. Hmmm. I told him I don’t know what he was looking at because I had plenty of company. The vastness of the water alone is intimidatingly much company. As he drove along Carenage road he slowed down to allow a woman to pass. Shortly after he slowed down again to see if a potential passenger may be walking out the street. Soon after there was shouting from behind us. A car then overtook us with the drive cussing to all hell and back because my driver was slowing him up. Wow. My driver then stuck his head out the windown and shouted that they like to come in Carenage to play killer. Mistake. The man stopped his car in front of us, producing a sudden line-up of vehicles, including an ambulance that was immediately behind. He got out the care and came over, arms flinging, cussing even more.

MRoadTraffic stopped on the other lane as people looked on. He hit the side mirror deliberately with much force I thought it would break off and he dared my driver to do something about it. Really, I could not understand the man’s rage. The driver is looking for passengers, and it is normal to slow down and do so. If he was slowing you down, then having overtaken us, I imagine you would go urgently to your destination. Not stop and hold up traffic while you express yourself. Folk from the shop across the street came over and told him his behaviour was unwarranted and implored my driver to stay calm. When they stepped away the man rushed forward again, pushing both hand into the car almost touching the driver’s face and daring him to do something. He kept saying the driver threatened him by telling him he came to Carenage to play a killer. Again, onlookers try to deflate the situation. He got back into his car and drove off. We waited, allowing the ambulance to overtake us.

MSoldierThe driver said he usually minds his own business. All of a sudden the thought of him joining me in the water seemed like a good idea. But could we hold a situation until trouble passes? Hmmm. Well he didn’t join me because he had to carry workers. It’s his route and there are the regulars who relied on him. Can’t go sea-bathing then when there is money to make. He said he has both Police and Soldier relatives who would like to know of the incident and straighten that guy out. Silence prevailed. We then turned the corner and found that the man had pulled over in a side street, waiting on us. He apparently wanted us behind him, not the ambulance. As soon as we passed him, he pulled out behind us and again kept leaning his head out the window to shouting words of rage. Really, this isn’t over. Nope! When we got to Westmoorings with double lanes, he pulled over sharply as if intending to ram the side of the car. The driver had to swerve quickly. Folk behind us began honking their horns.

1103light.jpgA red light caught us and he came parallel. Shouting again. Swearing he will take the car from the driver. It was a Note, looking new inside and out. This pissed the driver off and he seemed to be making attempts to get out the car to accost the man. The seatbelt came loose. I told him he dared not leave. I was his lone passenger, and he was responsible for me. Stay put. He buckled up in his seat and took out his phone saying he has to make a call. I told him ensure he tells them the correct number plate, because I am sure the man has his. Then he said he will drop me by the walkover at the Seventh Day Hospital so that he could be free to deal with this matter. Much appreciated. He indicated he was pulling over. The man came behind us and did the same. We stopped. He stopped. I got out and joined a maxi. The driver watched me get in before he pulled off. When he pulled off the man drove behind him. Look, I was glad to be out of it, but I also wanted to see the end of it. Did he drive into a Police Station? Did he make the call to have the man ambushed? Maybe the two of them had some karma to resolve or new experience to have. My contract with them was not to view the full play.

MDivineIt is probably generally known, but not accepted, that there are at least two different kinds of humans existing: the ones with a soul from the Divine, and the ones with something else. The blindness with which this man seemed to be pursing trouble made me consider this fact. Maybe he needed crystal therapy. The thing is, I had crystals with me. I had put them in a nice spot in the water where they won’t float away. Crystals are funny, they (not just crystals…other things too, even relationships) can disappear on you and have you wondering whether you are crazy. So I had a chat with them before I left them to proceed with my bath. Returning to find them meant they heard me, or maybe we still have work to do together. Anyway, there I sat in the car with my clean aura and clean crystal and some twisted negativity was looking to latch onto us. No way Jose! Hopefully we at least contributed to my driver controlling himself long enough to think before he acted. I saw his hand trembling on the wheel and knew he badly wanted to do that guy something. His adrenaline was pumping.

Premature newborn  baby girlI arrived in Port of Spain in one piece, but still needed to change taxis twice before getting home. When I got into the taxi in my village someone was already in the back seat. Another came in after me, so I move over to my left and almost squeezed a baby. Oh dear! I apologized. A young woman in hijab was on my left. I was only then realizing that was she breastfeeding a baby. She was obviously just out of hospital; baby bag on her lap, and the tiniest thing of a baby in her arms. How could they have discharged her? Is the maternity ward overcrowded? The baby looked premature. It was hurting some part of me just looking at it; like it was fragile and unprotected though it was in its mother’s arms. The driver went off-route to take her to her gate. A decent looking apartment building. Again I felt hurt, not sure if for myself or for her, or that there wasn’t a mother, sister, a husband, or even a man like Joseph (whose child it wasn’t but he still cared) accompanying her. What good are crystals to a situation like this? To allow the acceptance of one’s karma? To give that baby a health boost? To comfort a young mother who probably only has uncertainties?

MDomesticAs village life goes, the driver had another off-route. This time he picked up a lady who was on her way out of the street. She brought life to the car. Probably has a hearing problem. She was on her way to a funeral, the dead being another taxi driver who collapsed on the taxi stand. She lamented that to have a dead husband is bad, but a son. Nah man. Any mother would feel that. This was the second son the woman lost and apparently she was not there for the first funeral, so she was making an effort to go support the woman this time. The third off-route was to drop me home, so he had her for a while. They swapped stories. She even learnt that a lady she had done domestic work for had died. Hand to her heart, mouth opened, she exclaimed: You lie! The driver gave her the details. The lady had fallen and gotten ‘a lash’ and since then things went South. Sometime after she was diagnosed with cancer and the degeneration was one miserable journey.

MPaintThe funeral lady said then she might die from cancer of the head. She said the amount of ‘lash’ she got to the head from her husband, it gotta be that’s what will kill her. Dat man! He like a piper! He does gamble, you see. Everything he gambling out and you can’t get he to do one thing bout de house. People don’t know, but leh me tell you. Hmmm. She had to pay him to build her prayer hut. No sympathy. He knows prayers has to be done and that she is diligent, yet she had to pay him. She had to pay him to paint the house. It’s theirs, but she had to pay. Ah gotta pay dat man fuh sex. The driver told her not to say things like that. You think I lie? Night time I feeling fuh a man and I call he. He not coming! I have to give he $20 to have sex with meh. And here again, I wonder at the presence of crystals in our lives. Overrated, or misunderstood? The variety of challenges are more than we can number. How does a praying, meditating person stay in a home where she is beaten in the head and has to pay her husband for intimate moments, continue to pray and mediate? Is it the more regular looking stone that they have on their altar that has the transforming power and not the crystals?

MClearI did two crystal therapy sessions recently. One male client whose chakras I went over with a clear quartz pendulum and they were all spinning anticlockwise. I placed stones on him according to the colour map, so that a green crystal was on his chest for the heart chakra. He came out of the sessions saying he felt distinct heaviness on his chest. Minutes after he had to clear his throat, said like the chest was affecting his throat and making him feel like he had a cold. Hmmm. The other was for a female. I used a tiger’s eye pendulum on her chakras. All went clockwise except for the sacral chakra. I only used amethyst on her for all the chakras. She said that she felt the amethyst at the heart and base chakras giving off a pulsing energy, buzzing. She went into a trance and had a vision that reminded her of a place she had seen while practicing her own deep mediation at home. Hmmm. Do we want to make pronouncements, or do we want acknowledge that salvation is personal and that every time, every experience will be different depending on what the client is working through? It’s an education, another avenue for our growth. So work with what you have as intuitively as possible. Meanwhile I’m here, with cleansed crystals. Dial me up if you feel to include us in your salvation.

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