Cupping Therapy

Cup3Cupping Therapy is a holistic tool for treating many diseases. Its history lies in many cultures which use different instruments and procedures to accomplish healing. Among the many things it can be beneficial for, are:


The negative pressure created by the suction of cupping effectively decreases the level of uric acid, as well as high and low-density lipoproteins in the body. It extracts the toxins generated by fluid that contains inflammation, exudation, germs, and enzyme that disintegrated. Thus relieving the body of harmful materials and bringing it into stasis through haematological adjustments. Such adjustments promote improved blood circulation which in turn facilitates the breaking up of obstructions and the creation of avenues for toxins to be drawn out of the body. This treatment can be done with one cup, or several cups can be placed on the client’s body simultaneously.


Boosting Immunity
Cupping is known to regulate immunoglobulins and haemoglobin and its various immunological effects. One path to this is that cupping function as an irritant which causes the activation of the complement system. A system that contains a series of proteins that interact with one another in order to eliminate pathogens. This in turn increases the level of immune products such as interferon and tumor necrotizing factor. In addition, the effect of cupping therapy on the thymus increases the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system and can be very therapeutic for clients generally, even those with autoimmune disease.


Pain Relief
Cupping therapy is considered safe because it has an analgesic effect on the body with no known negative side effects. Questions often arise as to how many treatments are necessary for pain relief. It must be remembered that pain intensity is a subjective experience. Despite this, it is safe to say that many who have experienced cupping therapy will attest to pain reduction after only one treatment. Lauche R et al. (2012) have done tests on the efficacy of traditional cupping therapy which agree with this perspective. They have also tried to determine its effect on mechanical hyperalgesia in some patients who had chronic neck pain and found that about five cupping session effective.

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